Dr Brian Dunne (B Dent Sc(TCD), MSc, Dental Implantology UCL) has joined our clinic to carry out complex treatment including the placement and restoration of dental implants and complex crown and bridge treatments. He is available for appointments on Saturday from 9.00am to 5.00pm.


Single Implant with Specialised Crown

Multiple Implants With Specialised Denture


Implants are an ideal way to replace a missing tooth, multiple teeth or to stabilise a denture. The implant is placed in the gum and the bone firmly fuses to the implant. After a period a specialised crown or denture is attached to the implant. This allows the patient to eat the full range of foods that can be eaten with natural teeth. Dental implants also transfer biting force directly to the bone so it maintains and preserves valuable facial bone.


For more information contact us to book in for a consultation.
Implant Consultation: €150
Implant From: €1500



Further details on treatments carried out by Dr Brian Dunne are available on his website: